Some Thoughts On The NHL Winter Classic

NHL Winter Classic

View from the Big House

As I am still getting over my New Year’s hangover, I thought I would share some thoughts on the New Year’s day spectacle that is the Winter Classic.

For starters, I am a huge fan of the event.  The alumni games are entertaining and fun and the event does so much for spreading the world of Hockey.  Obviously the venue does not bode well for hockey as even if you are in the first row, your seats are not optimal of a hockey game, but I’m sure the point of being at these 100,000+ arenas is the atmosphere and not the viewing of the game itself.

My only real problem with the NHL’s Winter Classic is the fact that it’s a regular season game.  In this case of Toronto and Detroit’s game, both teams at the time were sitting on the edge of making the playoffs making the Winter Classic a very important game for both teams and their playoff hopes and dreams.  If only 2 points make a difference for  either of those teams of making the playoffs, it will be a shame that it came down to a game with less than optimal conditions, bad ice and no home advantage.

Instead maybe the NHL could adopt a new model for their Winter Classic.  Wouldn’t it be better if instead of having a regular season game, turn the Winter Classic into even more of a fan spectacular by having a game of NHL all stars versus the previous years Stanley Cup winning tram? Or even a NHL all stars versus the KHL or European league all stars?

I think that style of game would serve the NHL better for their Winter Classic.  Turn it into an even bigger event for the fans.  Plus the way the All Star game is set up in hockey now is just pathetic and needs a rejigging.

But thats just my 2 cents.

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