Joe Thornton Snubbed By Team Canada

Hockey Player Joe Thornton

No Joe? Say it ain’t so!

First of all, let’s face it, Canadian Hockey talent runs so deep in this country that we could legitimately send two Team Canada squads to Sochi and be serious contenders.  There are just so many players for Team Canada GM Steve Yzerman to choose from, it’s outrageous.

While I can’t argue with the selections Yzerman made, I can safely say, “WHERE THE HELL IS JUMBO JOE?”

Obviously there are going to be Team Canada players that end up getting “snubbed”, but Joe Thornton is one of the great playmakers in hockey right now.  He is consistently in the top 10 for points year after year and is an assisting machine.

But Steve Yzerman had to make some tough decisions.  He even didn’t give another great player Martin St. Louis a roster spot and St. Louis plays for his Tampa Bay Lightening.  The team that Yzerman is the General Manager of during the NHL season.  (Can’t wait to see the animosity and backlash that decision creates!)

At age 34, Joe Thornton is at the height of his career and when the winter Olympics come around again in 2018, he’ll be 38 and probably too old to play at a competitive level for Olympic hockey so really this is his final chance and Yzerman blew it.

As long as you put a half decent winger beside him, the goals will come.  Let’s hope this roster omission doesn’t end up coming back to bite Canada in the butt.  We don’t need a repeat of the Turin Olympics!

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