A Bruins Fan Living In Toronto


So I thought my first post for this Hockey blog would be about what it’s like being a Bruins fan living in Toronto.

First of all, let me explain.  I love Toronto.  It’s my home and a beautiful city.  I love the Toronto Blue Jays and support my baseball home team 100%.  Like every other Canadian out there, I am filled with a nationalistic pride, but I just can’t follow that blind pride behind the Toronto Maple Leafs like everyone does.

If you were born in Toronto, moved to Toronto or even just visited, you know this city bleeds blue and white.  Everyone here is a Leafs fan and you will be shunned if you are not.  I don’t know why people buy into it and I don’t know why everyone is brainwashed by it.  Because in reality………

You suck Leafs!

How can anyone just blindly follow this Hockey club is beyond me.  Besides the fact that they have not won the Stanley Cup in over 40 years isn’t even enough to sway people.  This is a Hockey team that is run by a corperation, like a corporation.  Their payroll is about bottom dollars, not skill or a winning product and if they spent the same effort and money that they do on marketing to their on ice product we would have a dynasty team in this city.  But why do they need to spend money or put a good team on the ice?  Tickets sell out at record speed and people keep buying up enough gear even if the team is playing like Columbus!

This is why I cannot support the Leafs organization.

But why a Boston fan you might ask?

Well I grew up in the era of the second best defenseman to ever live.  Ray Bourque.  I was a huge fan of guys like him, Cam Neely and Adam Oates growing up.  I loved their Hockey team even more when they had guys like Joe Thornton manning the helm.  And even more in this new reincarnation of the team that has already won a cup and keeps battling for it year after year.  

But it’s lonely being a Bruins fan in Toronto.  Being the only guy at the ACC to stand up and scream when they score a goal.  Or the guy that gets booed in his Bruins jersey at the bar when the Leafs are down 5-1.

But I’d rather be a lonely Bruins fan in Toronto than another heartbroken Leafs fan.