Congratulations to The LA Kings

2014 Stanley Cup Winners LA Kings

LA Kings Win The Stanley Cup

We here at Gretzkys Office would like to pass on our Congratulations to this years Stanley Cup winners, the Los Angeles Kings.

Once again in today’s NHL, the Kings have proven just how out of whack competition levels are and how lopsided the conferences are.  Once again we are treated with another Western Conference winner in the Stanley Cup.

The New York Rangers just never really stood a chance and were unable to get anything of value together to fight off the Kings.  Even after the Kings played a grueling series against the Blackhawks, they proved they had plenty in the tank to fight off the Rangers.

Having won their second Cup in the last 3 seasons, The Kings are positioning themselves to become a dynasty team in the new NHL.  As long as players like Quick and Dougherty keep this team going, there is no telling how many more cups they can win this decade.  Let’s see what the Kings bring to the table next season.

It’s going to be a good one.